Mayoral Hustings

The Mayoral Hustings are coming up soon but what exactly does ‘Hustings’ mean?

Alison explains.

On May 2nd there will be an election when we can vote for a new Mayor, we have a Mayor now but there are 4 other people who would like the opportunity to become Mayor. The Hustings is how we find out information about them, it’s an opportunity to ask them questions. The 5 candidates will be in front of an audience, they will start by introducing themselves, explain why they would like to become Mayor and talk about what skills they have to offer. Afterwards the audience has a chance to ask them questions, there will be a chairperson present to keep control and direct the questions to the most relevant person. At the end of the hustings you should have a clear idea about each candidate, which should help you to decide who you would like to support. The audience can ask specific questions about things that affect them; such as accessibility to services if you are D/deaf or have a disability.
The Hustings will take place on Thursday 18th April 5.30pm till 7pm at the Bedford Blues Rugby club and there will be 2 BSL Interpreters present, people need to register to attend using the email link below.

Is there a difference between the Mayor and a Councillor?

Yes, the Mayor has full responsibility for Bedford including things like the budget and financial decisions for all services. Councillors are responsible for their own areas and there will be 1 or sometimes 2 councillors in each area. They have different responsibilities for example if you have an issue with a road that needs repairing or where roads are unsafe roads due to parked cars you can ask your councillor to discuss this on your behalf.

Councillors also have the responsibility to scrutinise council services and discuss any issues together to make sure these services are fit for purpose.

So, the Hustings, (question and answer session), is on the 18th April, the election when we can vote for a new Mayor and local Councillors is on the 2nd May.

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